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There is space for it all....

So I just finished a 3 day yoga intensive for my 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. I went in raw and emotional and came out raw and emotional, but different.

What changed?

When I left this afternoon I was blissful and at peace, and excited to be a part of this beautiful and wild ride called life.

I realized that part of what had happened over the weekend, (and trust me, a LOT more than this happened) was that I came into a much deeper understanding of the expansiveness of the human capacity for LOVE. There were 17 of us in this training. We created a very sacred space with the intention of doing so. We all come into the space with our own stories, our own challenges in life, our own defects of character...(which by the way...I don't like that phrase sounds just a little degrading and too much like a put-down. I think for today I like "challenging human qualities" better. <smile> ) and we are all in different stages of awareness. What happened was that there was nothing but love. The space for love was infinite, the capacity for holding space for whatever arose was infinite,

and the connection between human beings was real, palpable and full of infinite love. What I came away feeling like was "Hey! I AM. I AM LOVE. YOU ARE. YOU ARE LOVE. IT IS ENOUGH.

I honest to God feel like I have been plugged into "The Mother Board", as our facilitator referenced it. The expansiveness of LOVE.

THAT happened. So I went in raw and emotional and came out raw and emotional BUT full of this expansive capacity for love. THAT is indescribable bliss. It is felt in the moment. On the mat and off the mat, it is sacred space. Namaste <3

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